Purjehduksenopettajat PORY ry (Sailing teachers association) was founded in 1980 to harmonize different training systems and create a system of certifications. Abbreviation “PORY” derives from PurjehduksenOpettajat Rekisteröity Yhdistys i.e. “Sailing Teachers Registered Association”

Training and certification system is loosely based on Royal Yachting Associations training system, taking in to account local conditions. 

PORY manages the training and certification curriculum. Aim is to maintain high and consistent quality across all our member schools, teachers and examiners. Our training system has been audited by the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom. 

Association also publishes training material for sailing schools and their students. 

PORY doesn’t offer sailing classes itself, that is done by our member schools, which many offer classes also in English. 

We organize training program for future sailing teachers, which culminates in weekend long course. Registration to this course is opens usually in February. So far these have been held in Finnish. 

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